Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Recipe Round Up

So...tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I'm pretty sure Target and Hobby Lobby made us aware of that back in December the day after Christmas. ;-) The first Valentine's Day Clayton and I spent together was in 2004 and we had been dating about a month. My sweet grandfather was very sick (and ending up passing away the following day). I was at home with my family. That evening after returning from a family dinner, Clayton was sitting in the driveway at my parents house waiting for me. He just wanted to say hi and give me a gift. Was it flowers? No. Was it chocolates? No. Was it a simple card with a heartfelt note? Nope. The man got me two TURTLES. He presented them to me in a shoe box. Ha. While I was super excited, I had NO idea what to do with them! We named them Chester and Buster. They were sweet little turtles and lived a good 6 months. It was probably my fault for their short life span. I haven't the slightest clue on how to take care of turtles. However, it was a Valentine's gift I'll never forget. ;-)
Flash forward 9 years later. We don't have any turtles but we do have a sweet, sweet poodle that we just adore. These days I much rather prefer to spend the holiday at home, enjoying a delicious home cooked meal, with the love of my life. With that being said, what is on YOUR menu for tomorrow? I'm starting the day off with my favorite pancakes topped with strawberries. I'll send Clayton to work with his usual lunch (PB&J). For dinner I am making chicken parmesan on top of spinach linguine pasta (found it at Trader Joe's). I will serve it with a spinach salad. For dessert, these molten lava cakes are a MUST! I'm sharing a few recipe ideas so you can cook something special for that "someone" in your life. Enjoy!

Breakfast in Bed
Crepes (Make them savory by stuffing them with eggs or make them sweet with cream cheese and fruit!)

Dinner by Candlelight

Sweet Endings


  1. Most Valentines day dinners have been pasta-themed in the past, but this time I'm planning on making Chicken Tikka Masala. I am trying my hand at making a cake for the first time, too--chocolate beet cake! I know, the two don't go, but whatever!

    1. Your Valentine's meal sound delicious! How did your chocolate beet cake turn out?!